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7 most beautiful flowers in the World.

1. Cherry blossom: Of course, the cherry blossom flowers are first on the list! These stunners’ beauty is actually self-explanatory for obvious reasons.  What makes them extra special? The unique beauty in each and every blossom. Having the perfect light pink color, and experiencing the blooming of cherry blossom trees in NYC during spring is definitely a MUST! These beautiful blooms have a great significance in Japanese culture as these mark the beginning and the beauty of life. 


2. Water lily:  All hail the queen of aquatic flowers! Water lilies are known to have over 70 different species in the world. No wonder it's considered among the most beautiful flowers worldwide. These flowers bloom from spring to fall and each flower opens in the morning and closes in the evening. Their color hues range from white, pink, orange, purple, and blue.


3. Hydrangea: Their delicate, yet round-shaped small petals give this flower its complete and beautiful essence. Hydrangeas are a very known and popular flower used for all types of events, especially wedding decor and baby showers! They come in all sort of colors, and the Hydrangeas we most recommend are our Sky Flowers Hydrangeas! Check them out here:


4. Bird of paradise: Watch out! Here comes the bird… for real! As unique as its name, Bird Of Paradise is an exotic flower native to South Africa. When fully bloomed, this stunner looks exactly like a bird of paradise in plain flight. Wondering what they symbolize? Paradise of course! Have you heard about this interesting flower before? 


5. Orchid: Featuring vibrant and bold colors, orchids are definitely a must when it comes to making your home more beautiful with their gorgeous looking blooms. Found almost everywhere on earth, each species of orchid is unique which makes these flowers truly special. 


6. Peony: Peonies are large, fluffy blooms that have a very pleasant fragrance. Their blooming season stands within April and June, solely depending on the type of variety and weather conditions. While most peonies are known to have a beautiful shade of pink, they also range from white to red and coral to yellow. 


7. Tulip: With more than 3000 varieties of tulips from 150 different species in the world, the tulip's cup-shaped flowers make it a very unique and popular type of flower. They open every spring season and come in all shades of colors. Tulips have a short lifecycle and open up for only 5-7 days when taken care of appropriately. 

For more information about one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, aka Hydrangeas, please make sure to contact, and follow us on Instagram to know all about us: @skyflowerscol, or download our newest catalog here:

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