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The History of our Flowers

Our company specializes in growing and commercializing top-quality flowers and foliages with a high added value. We have a high response capacity for our client's orders, giving them the best offer for their needs. Our levels of production and flexibility allow us to serve clients such as Flower Wholesalers, Specialized and Non- Specialized Florists, Supermarkets, and Stores. Important to mention that our flowers and foliage are always fresh, keeping our client’s expectations high and assuring the satisfaction of the final consumer.

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SKY FLOWERS is a floriculture company from La Ceja Colombia, located 30 minutes away from the International Airport Jose Maria Cordoba of Rionegro City.  More than a company, we are a family-based company that strives to produce and commercialize the best quality flowers on the market.

What characterizes Sky Flowers, and what makes us pioneers in the industry?

1. Top quality: We have the best quality flowers available in the market, which allows us to satisfy our customer’s parameters and goals. 
2. Good farming practices: we only use environmentally friendly products. 
3. On-time delivery: our orders are always on time to customer’s specifications and schedules.
4. Innovation: we take special care of details and we are leaders in tinted flowers, as we are always aware of market trends. We are always looking for new ways of innovating, including new colors according to different seasons of the year and annual holidays.
5. Competitive prices according to our quality.
6. Year-round production and high volumes.
7. Fast response to all customers’ needs.
8. Excellent after-sales services.

9. Flexibility: we easily adapt to our customers’ needs and specifications. 




We are the most experienced and the biggest growers of Lepidium Green Bell in South America. Additionally, we grow amazing Hydrangeas in all colors and varieties. Our big levels of production let us serve every type of customer with a fast response to their needs with top quality standards.



We have special painting techniques which allow us to produce unique products in the market. Differentiation for us is a KEY FACTOR, as we are always offering our customers new products every week according to each season and time of the year.  We also take special care of packaging details, which we are sure will create magical experiences when our flowers are unpacked.



We give very big importance when it comes to processes like the selection, the growing process, the harvesting, the packaging, and of course our shipping! Our orders are always on time, meeting our customer’s specifications and schedules.

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