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Christmas arrived early at Sky Flowers!

We just have one Christmas wish… Santa would you please send us the world’s most beautiful Christmas Edition Hydrangeas? They’re already here! Christmas has arrived early at Sky Flowers with our newest tinted holiday hydrangeas. Trust us, you’re going to instantly fall in love with the Christmas arrangements we’ve prepared for you!


It’s easy as 1,2,3! Creating a Christmas Flower Bouquet has never been easier, if and only if you use the correct blooms for the holiday… of course, we’re referring to our gorgeous red, green, and white-colored hydrangeas for the joyful season. 


Did you know each Hydrangea color has a specific meaning and symbolism behind it? In this case, to make the Christmas season even MORE special, gifting or using the correct colors for specific holidays can make the entire difference. For Christmas of course we have our Red Hydrangeas which symbolize deep love and passion. Our green Hydrangeas symbolize great amounts of abundance we wish for each and every one of you. Lastly, to complete a stunning Christmas bouquet, we have our White Hydrangeas which all of you may know, represent innocence, purity, and peace. 


Greet your loved ones with a bouquet full of heartfelt meaning. There are no better gifts than those that come from nature and from a special place in our hearts.


We have 2 Sky Flowers wishes for the season. First of all, we wish everyone has great blessings, health, family time, and lots of love, but also wish everyone can live the holiday feelings and vibes with our Hydrangeas, ready to become your Christmas favorite decor or gift to your loved ones. We wish for a world full of beautiful flowers that make you truly happy from the inside out. 


Stay tuned for more Christmas flower goodies coming soon!

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