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Image by Yang Yu


Chrysanthemums in the Sky

You're About To Be Amazed by Sky Flowers Chrysanths


We have to warn you because these spectacular new additions to our Sky Flowers family are already causing a sensation among flower amateurs. It’s kind of inevitable because both their striking beauty and their amazing quality will make them your new favorites in 3,2,1…


Have you ever heard of, or seen the beauty exuded in every type of Chrysanth

flower? If not, you’ve been missing out big time! But no worries, we’re here to cover up for you and make your Chrysanths experience THE BEST. Let’s start talking a little about the flower per se, and then a few care tips you should know about for best results. 


Chrysanthemum, (genus Chrysanthemum), is a genus of about 40 species of flowering plants in the aster family (Asteraceae), native primarily to subtropical and temperate areas of the Old World. Chrysanthemums are especially common in East Asia, where they are often depicted in art, and many are popular ornamentals. But, although they are native to Asia, that doesn’t mean South America does not have them, and it is our greatest pleasure to tell you that the most beautiful Chrysanths are found in Sky Flowers.


Now, the best part. We’re going to share our best tips on how to take care of your Chrysanths for them to keep you longer company. 


  • Also known as “mums” Chrysanths are generally considered low maintenance plants. Knowing how to care for them requires basic gardening techniques. 

  • Chrysanthemums like all cut flowers are sensitive to draughts and direct heat. Don't place the Chrysanthemums next to ripening fruit or vegetables. The ethylene produced by the fruit and vegetables makes the flowers die earlier. Top up the vase with fresh tap water and flower food as required.


Now that you have a little more knowledge on how to get the best of your mum, you can start ordering your favorite from our diverse range of colors and fill up your house with bold colors and happy Chrysanths. Today, especially our pink mums are making a statement and are happily waiting to be a part of your life. But that doesn’t mean our whole color range can make you equally happy. Let Sky Flowers Chrysanths be a part of your day-to-day.


To place your orders make sure to contact directly. 

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