5 Lepidium tips by Sky Flowers

A great month ends with Sky Flowers’ Green Dragon Lepidium


Yes, we know you want this crazy month to end already, and just relax with some of your favorite flowers. But wait, there is actually a way to make this month end even BETTER and it certainly includes a dose of our Green Dragon Lepidium. Today we share 5 tips on how you can use our Lepidium to create the floral arrangement and bouquets of your dreams. 


You might be wondering, what exactly does Lepidium look like, and what are its different uses? In today’s Lepidium menu we share 5 different ways it can add more life and movement to any bouquet you’re looking to create. Versatile, yet delicate are the vibes we get from our Lepidium. Here they go, take note!


1. Flow: Green Dragon Lepidium has the instant ability to add movement to any floral arrangement you design. 


2. Texture: Texture, texture, and more texture! Place a few flowers in your favorite bouquet and you'll be seeing a lot more shapes and unique textures. 


3. Filler: Serves as a gorgeous green filler for your next bouquet. Besides playing a role as a filler, Lepidium also adds volume and a bold green color. 


4. Color: If you're a nature fan and your favorite color is green, trust us, you need some Lepidium in your life. 


5. Movement: A versatile and innovative new product for all designers who want to have a different look in their flower arrangements.


Voila! Did you find this information useful? We strongly encourage you to order a dose of Green Dragon Lepidium to get you feeling the nature vibes coming up for the hot summer. Make the most out of your floral arrangements and let them thrive and shine with the perfect pop of green color. 


For more orders remember to contact us directly at: dbojanini@skyflowers.com.co and we’ll be happy to help you along the way!