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The XMas Season!

The rumors are true… Sky Flowers hydrangeas are indeed making the best Christmas arrangements and we can definitely confirm it! Just take a look at the various arrangements our sales team has created for you to have floral ideas when it comes to Christmas hydrangea arrangements. 

The extremely cool factor about hydrangeas is how versatile they are. We make emphasis this because they really pair well with fillers like our Green Dragon Lepidium, and besides, various colors can be combined to create a true flower masterpiece. On this occasion, one of our Sky Flowers team members specializes in and loves creating flower arrangements featuring our seasonal colors of course. You can see that she fuses colors such as greens with reds and silver, as well as with gold because they resemble without a doubt the holiday Christmas spirit. You can choose however any hydrangea color you want because we know that not everyone decorates their spaces with traditional colors. After all, what we love about hydrangeas is their ability to change and transform any space in a positive way. So whichever colors you choose, we guarantee your spaces will look amazing!


But hey, let’s give the hydrangea Christmas love a little break and get on some hydrangea facts that’ll surprise you this merry season! Here they go…


  1. Did you know Hydrangea means ‘water vessel’ in Greek? The name hydrangea comes from the Ancient Greek words for ‘water vessel’, ‘hydor’, and ‘angos’. This was chosen as the seed capsules on hydrangeas resemble cups. However, it’s a fitting name in another way - hydrangeas love water, and as cut flowers, they tend to be quite thirsty. 


  1. The colors are all down to chemistry. For certain varieties of hydrangea, the color of the bloom depends on the chemical makeup of the soil. Acidic soils will produce blue or purple flowers, whilst alkaline soils create pink or red petals.


  1. Hydrangeas are native to Asia & America. There are over 70 species of hydrangea and most of these are native to eastern Asia including Japan, China, and Korea. They have been cultivated in Japan for centuries - they’re mentioned in poetry from as long ago as 710 A.D and depicted in antique paintings. They have huge cultural significance in Japan and are often planted in the gardens of Buddhist temples.


  1. Dried hydrangeas can last for years! For the most part, hydrangeas will last about 10 days in a vase, as long as you replenish their water regularly. But with just a little extra effort, hydrangeas can actually last much much longer. All you need to do is dry them. 


To do this, place them in a vase with just a few inches of water and then just leave them alone. The hydrangeas will dry over a few weeks as the water evaporates. Once they’re dried, they can last for a year or two. Dried hydrangeas can be quite fragile, so try not to move them about too much as they can break apart.


So, now that we have you on the hydrangea loop, will we see you debuting beautiful Christmas hydrangea arrangements? We’d love to see your houses filled up with Sky Flowers hydrangeas, so if you do, don’t forget to send us your pictures or tag us on IG (skyflowercol)!


PS: to place your orders, make sure to contact your KAM’s directly or further inquiries to :

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