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Everything about Hydrangeas

If you´re wondering where hydrangeas come from, what their history is, how you can take care of them for better vase life, and what Hydrangeas we have at Sky Flowers, you´re in the right place. In today´s flower lesson 101, we´ll learn all about Hydrangeas.


Hydrangeas are very popular both as cut flowers and plants for the garden because of their big, beautiful blooms. The large flowerheads look like pom poms growing on bushes that can get as tall as trees. They come in a variety of different colors and shapes. There are over 75 species of hydrangeas, most of them native to Asia.


The hydrangea was first cultivated in Japan and is often referred to as Ajisai. The Japanese are famous for their mesmerizing gardens and revolving stories around their flowers and the hydrangea is no exception: legend has it that a Japanese emperor gifted blue hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved to make up for neglecting her.


Today, hydrangeas are a very popular type of flower that is found all over Asia, the Americas, and Europe, where they are mostly known as hortensias. At Sky Flowers, we are pioneers in growing and producing the world´s most beautiful Hydrangeas in loads of different shades and colors to choose from.  


What do Hydrangeas symbolize and where does the word come from? The etymological meaning of hydrangea comes from the Greek words for water, hydros, and jar. This name was given to the plant because of its shape resembling an ancient water pitcher which is very convenient, since hydrangeas require constant watering in order to stay happy, healthy, and blooming.


How should you take care of your Hydrangeas for better vase-life? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our first tip is to keep your lovely hydrangeas in a cool spot where it does not receive direct sunlight because this can dry your flower up completely. Hydrangeas can feed themselves up on quite a lot of water, so make sure you check the water levels to ensure they have enough. Tip #2 is you’ll want to re-cut the stems and change the water every 2-3 days for better and long-lasting blooms.

If you´re ready to know about all the colors we have, we´re here to help and very happy you want to join our blooming Sky Flowers Hydrangea experience. Contact us at: for more information and orders.

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