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Fall is coming!

Fall Is Coming up Fast, and These Falltastic Facts Are Here to Make Your Day Better!


Fall is quite ready to make an entrance this year with over-the-top colors, and most importantly, flowers. Fall flowers are here to cause sensation and Sky Flowers’ fall edition hydrangeas featuring beige, dark mustard yellow, burgundy, and mid-toned orange shades as well as brownish hues are landing to make the best out of your fall season. Flowers are very excited to start a new season and give you company in your elevated fall version. To hype up the upcoming season, how about some fall fun facts?


  • Only America calls it “fall”. The season was originally just called harvest and autumn came around much later in the 1300s. When English poets started using the phrase “the fall of leaves” it became very fashionable to call the season fall. 


  • More People fall in love during the fall season! According to scientific research, the cooler weather in fall makes people want to get closer to others and not be alone in the winter. So get ready to snuggle and cuddle in the upcoming brown season.


  • You will get to see the brightest moon in fall. The full moon in the fall that occurs during the equinox is much brighter and rises much earlier than a typical full moon. Called the Harvest Moon, it occurs sometime in September or October.


  • Everyone loves those colorful leaf colors in the fall from vibrant reds to striking oranges, but did you know that the color the leaves turn is based on how much sugar is in the leaves? No wonder maple leaves have such a radiant, beautiful red color! 


How many of these facts were you already familiar with? If none of them resonated with you, well you know have extra reasons to get ready for the spectacular fall season that is coming up. However, you might want to make it twice the spectacular by adding in some of your favorite hydrangeas with colors that resemble this season. Remember to check the Sky Flowers catalog here:, or contact for more information on our flowers. 


Get ready to FALL in love!

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