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6 Father’s Day Facts You May Not Know About!

Yep, Father’s Day is only a few days away and we can’t wait for all of you to celebrate your lifelong heroes the way they deserve. Spoiler: your dad also deserves a big bouquet of beautiful flowers because let’s remember that flowers are for everyone, moms, dads, kids, and even yourself. But yes, we’re here to talk about how you can cheer up dad with a bouquet of stunning hydrangeas, plus we’re spilling the tea out on 6 Father’s Day facts you may not yet know about!


  1. Did you know Father’s Day originated in America? The first unofficial Father’s Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington on 19th June 1910.


  1. The Father’s Day concept was invented by Sonora Smart Dodd from Washington. Her father raised his 6 children single-handedly after their mother died in childbirth. June was her Dad’s birthday month.


  1. Most countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June. In Australia, it’s the first Sunday of September. Finnish people celebrate the festival on the second Sunday of November. And in Germany, they celebrate it on Ascension Day, which marks the 40th day of Easter.


  1. Rose is the flower of Father’s Day. Wearing a red rose signifies a living father, while a white one represents a deceased father.


  1. Greeting cards are the number one gift item on Father’s Day, with the most popular card being “Dad from Daughter”.


  1. In 1972 US president, Richard Nixon signed Father’s Day into law as a permanent national holiday.


Now you can surprise your dad on that Father’s Day lunch or dinner and throw in some facts that maybe no one even knows about but are important to remember why we celebrate this special day. Don’t forget that a great Father’s Day celebration also involves great flowers that have a meaning behind them. Hydrangeas symbolize eternal love, while also representing gratitude and grace. It’s time to say thank you to your life heroes with a bouquet of meaningful blooms. 


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Happy Father’s Day to every dad out there! You are truly amazing.

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