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First place with Foliage and Filler

Another Week, another prize for Sky Flowers… this time we made it to Proflora 2021!


We´re speechless actually… speechless to find out that we won another incredible prize in this year´s Proflora Floral Competition held in Colombia. Wait, we won first place for best foliage and filler with our Lepidium variety again? Pinch us, because we´re certainly not dreaming! Stay tuned to find out about our latest floral prize, which fills us up with TEAM PRIDE. 


For all the floral junkies out there, we know that floral competitions are certainly one of your favorite floral events of the year, and certainly even MORE now that the pandemic has eased up a little and we are beginning to live life at a more normal pace nowadays, meaning that events are slowly but surely coming back as well. It´s always a pleasure to be able to see your faces in every competition and floral event in the floral industry. 


This time, Sky Flowers made it to a Sky High position, resulting in a first-place win for best foliage and filler, given by our gorgeous Lepidium variety. Not only is Proflora the best, largest, and one of the most prominent among international flower trade shows, but also having the flower industry under one roof allows one to gain an overview of the flower market and industry, get competitive information of a wide range of products in a short period of time, meet face to face with the best national flowers growers and breeders, stay up to date on the newest flower varieties, exchange new trends in the flower industry between exhibitors from all over the world and also be part of an Outstanding Quality Flower Competition.


We pride ourselves in producing and growing South America´s best Lepidium and we have truly shown what we are made of as a top floral, blooming team. We want to thank our incredible Sky Flowers team for all the dedication, passion, effort, and extreme love you give to our company because when we unite, great things happen and the most beautiful flowers BLOOM for everyone. Once again, Team Work Makes the Dream Work. 


If you want more information about our varieties please contact: 

and don´t forget to follow us on IG skyflowerscol and Linkedin: Sky Flowers 

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