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One of the best experiences we’ve had: WF&FSA Miami & Floral 2022

After a long time of worldwide crisis (and still going on), it was so fulfilling to finally be able to attend an impressive event for the floral industry: FLORAL CONFERENCE 2022. This year, we packed our bags to go from Colombia to the city that never sleeps, to the city that has an amazing tropical vibe, to the city that made us feel like home: Miami. Words cannot begin describing the awesome experience we had with our Sky Flowers team at the event.


To begin with, we were so eager and excited to put up our stand and actually exhibit South America’s most beautiful blooms for all the conference attendees, for them to actually see what we’ve been talking so much about these months… the magical feeling and experience our Hydrangeas and Lepidium actually have to give you. 


Besides this floral conference being an outstanding opportunity for every floral company, wholesaler, or retailer in the industry to network and actually show what their brand brings to the floral world, it was an opportunity to meet amazing people we will never forget about. People who have so much to bring to this industry, and people with whom we can also create and innovate in the future. This fair made us exchange so many ideas, yet learn about different countries and professionals that are highly qualified in the floral industry. 


Nowadays, with a world that has become almost 100% digital in everything, networking is definitely the best part we can take from this experience. Meeting so many admirable and hard-working colleagues has made us value even more what we as a brand have, which is a Colombian floral company that is ready to conquer the floral industry and bring happiness and value to everyone’s lives through beautiful flowers.


We just can’t thank WF&FSA enough for hosting such a spectacular event! We hope to see you all again next year and hope to meet in the future very soon. The floral industry is waiting to be ours. All together, united, we can make the best out of it.


If you liked our flowers and wish to place orders or would like more information, please contact us at

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