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Flowers: The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

You name it, whether you’re looking to find a great gift for any sort of occasion like birthdays, dinners, a delicious breakfast for your loved ones, among so many other ideas, flowers are your go-to option definitely. But wait, not any type of flower, hydrangeas especially are trending and gaining popularity in the industry and are becoming more and more visible in every type of ambiance, space, or occasion. 


But first, how did the tradition of giving flowers on special dates become what it is today? In today’s society, flowers are given to loved ones to help communicate human emotions and create deep connections. Whether it be to express your undying love or gratitude for a friend, flowers can be given to anyone at any time. But was this always the case? Just like everything else, the act of giving flowers has a rich history. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how gifting flowers has changed over time!


The tradition of giving flowers carried on to the Middle Ages, especially among the English and the French. It is believed that the tradition of giving meaning to each type of flower was started in Europe after it was witnessed being done in Turkey.


Today, the reasons behind giving flowers have evolved as well. While it may have started out as simply expressing love for another person, there are lots of other reasons people choose to give flowers today. Some common reasons and occasions flowers are gifted may include:


But today we’re here to talk about birthday flowers and why they are such a big symbol of expressing love towards your loved ones on such an important date. Honoring someone’s birthday, whether they’re a family member or close friend, can be a challenge when you don’t know what to get them. First, there’s the obvious—flowers are beautiful and mood-lifting. Gifting a bouquet sends the clear message that their happiness and well-being matter to you today and always. 


Besides, what better way of waking up on your birthday and knowing you have lived one more year of magical experiences with a beautiful bouquet of your favorite colored hydrangeas? 


Is your birthday coming up soon? pssst… just let your best friends or loved ones know how much you want that big bouquet of b-day hydrangeas and we’ll send them straight to you on the same day! 


3,2,1… Let’s celebrate! Order yours now.


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