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Global G.A.P Certification

Learn About the Global G.A.P. Certification and Tune In for Some Exciting News!


To ensure we use the best, and highest quality standards and procedures for all our Sky Flowers clients, it’s incredibly vital and crucial to count on sanitary and quality certifications. In case you haven’t heard about this certification, we’re here to fill you in on all the gaps and everything you need to know about the future certification from Global G.A.P. we’re about to receive. By having an important certification like this one, you’ll create more trust and an incredible bond for the future with your clients.


What is Global G.A.P?


It is a Colombian initiative born from the private sector which establishes a series of voluntary standards through which an agricultural product can be certified. When getting approval of your Global GAP certification, you’ll automatically be granting your company a source of trust plus a backup of trusted quality standards.


The regulations include in Global GAP give companies the guidelines to operate under standards of Good Agricultural Practices, including:


- Integrated Crop Management (MIC)


- Integrated Pest Control (CIP)


- Quality Management Systems (QMS)


- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)


- Occupational health, safety, and welfare of workers


- Environmental conservation management.


Global GAP is a company that adds value to agricultural supply chains by providing innovative, economical, and transparent solutions. As Sky Flowers, we are proud to announce that we are close to receiving our Global GAP certification, which will allow us to demonstrate the highest level of agility and competitive adaptability, through efficiency, providing quality services, and specific solutions that help us achieve our purpose in the floral industry. 


Stay tuned for exciting news because our certification is coming very, very soon and we could not be happier and prouder of what we’ve achieved as a company. 

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