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Who ordered the world´s most
BEAUTIFUL Hydrangeas?

In case you didn´t know about us… Nice to meet you. We are SKY FLOWERS, a Colombian floral company growing the most top, premium quality Lepidium and Hydrangeas in the market, all the way from La Ceja, Antioquia.

We just wanted to let all of you know that our Hydrangeas are here… and they´re here to CONQUER your hearts and eyes! Sky Flowers Hydrangeas are one hundred percent jaw-dropping, they are truly and most utterly pure art for our eyes. It is no myth what people say that Colombia, especially Sky Flowers grows the most beautiful Hydrangeas in the world, given our incredible mountainous location and sea-level elevation. Our fascinating location is definitely one of the most, if not the most important characteristics of why we grow the world´s most top-quality hydrangeas. But let´s dive deep into what hydrangeas really are, what you can use them for, and the characteristics that make them one of the most gorgeous flower varieties out there! And let´s not forget their popularity nowadays, especially at weddings. 

Let´s start the weekend with a good dose of Hydrangeas information you´ll absolutely love, plus you´ll be able to learn something completely new today!

  • Hydrangeas are a genus of over 75 species and 600 named cultivars that are native to a wide range of regions and countries, including Japan, Asia, Indonesia, the Himalayan mountains, and the Americas.

  • Another common name for hydrangea is “hortensia” in spanish. Hydrangeas can grow as climbing vines but are most commonly grown as a shrub. This plant can grow from 1 foot tall, all the way to close to 100 feet tall as a climbing vine!


So, what makes this flower SO SPECIAL? We´ll tell you right away… The beautiful flowers produced by this plant is definitely what makes these so popular. Most put on a showy display from early spring all the way into fall, with a ton of color varieties that will get you falling in love in a second! Hydrangea blooms can be pink, blue, red, white, purple, and green!


Hydrangeas have also gained loads of popularity for wedding celebrations given their delicate but fancy and formal look. Have you ever seen a shrub of white hydrangeas at a wedding? This specific color of hydrangeas is what would certainly give your wedding a classy decor style plus an angel-looking like celebration. Apart from decorative purposes for formal events, hydrangeas can also be used to decorate a casual home space. Trust us when we say that our hydrangeas have the power to transform any space you want into pure MAGIC. Do you need any more reasons to go and buy your favorite hydrangeas NOW?


If you want to find out more about our hydrangeas and range of colors and sizes, head to:


or contact us directly at:

or +573005866703.


Don´t wait any longer and live the Sky Flower Hydrangea experience with us!

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