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The Perfect Hydrangeas For Baby Showers.

Are you soon to become a mommy? If that’s your case, we know there’s an upcoming baby shower celebration on the way and we really want this day to stay locked in your heart forever because having a baby is a lifetime miracle! 


Hydrangeas are amongst the group of flowers considered to be one of the most symbolic flowers for a baby shower celebration and today you’ll know why. Just keep reading to get all the baby shower flowers 101 lessons you need to make your celebration thrive. As you may all know, baby showers are all about celebrating new life, new begginnings and a very exciting stage for both parents. A few things make a space feel more festive and cute than hydrangeas. Say hello to our baby blue and pale pink baby shower hydrange edition! 


First of all, lets talk about the colors… A dreamy, stunning baby blue hue or a blushing pale pink are the two options we have when it comes to baby shower celebrations. But wait, what is the actual meaning and symbolism behind having hydrangeas in your next baby shower? We’ll tell you all about it now! Overall, soft, delicate petals are the representation of life and growth, but hydrangeas specifically have a whole other meaning. 


Available in soft, pretty hues ranging from pale pink to baby blue, these gorgeous blooms represent gratitude, grace, and beauty. They radiate abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape they embody. Besides this beautiful meaning, hydrangeas also symbolize hope for the future. So, now that you know the significance of having hydrangeas in your next baby shower, are you even going to think it twice? 


If you want to order your pale pink or baby blue blooms, just send us an email at and we’ll be very happy to help you in this new stage!


PS: Will it be a boy or a girl? Get yourself a great looking baby shower with a full dose of beautiful hydrangea decor.  

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