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IFTF Fair 2022 in Amsterdam

We’re here to give you all the juicy details on what the IFTF 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands was like. It was a complete flower blast, and thousands of people visited the fair this year. Let’s get rolling!


This year, the IFTF took take place from 9 to 11 November, as usual in Expo Greater Amsterdam in Vijfhuizen. The IFTF is a fixed value among floriculture fairs. Breeders, growers, wholesalers, and retailers know where to find the fair. A special florist event, IFTF World of Flowers, should now also attract florists. IFTF World of Flowers is a collaboration between the IFTF and several important chain partners.


One of our Sky members had the chance of strolling through the fair and what noticed the most this year was the incredible amount of both Ecuadorian and Colombian flower companies present at the fair. The exuberant exhibition of extravagant roses, along with ranunculus, carnations, gerbera, and many other varieties conquered the hearts and sight of everyone who attended the fair. Not to mention the ambiance at the event, with outstanding Dutch hosts. As Sky Flowers, we really hope to be part of next year’s IFTF to showcase our wonderful Colombian hydrangeas along with the innovative green filler, Lepidium.


Going on with the news, we want to give a specific mention to our Green Dragon Lepidium today. To start it off, we can 100% say that our Lepidium is our favorite type of filler because it really does enlighten and make bouquets have a unique essence, compared to other types of green fillers. Our cut foliage is beautiful and strong enough to be used by floral designers around the world. The Green Dragon Lepidium is praised for its exceptional capacity to design well-balanced bouquets and arrangements. Green Dragon's gorgeous texture, volume, and vibrant green exuberance nicely complement a floral bouquet.


It’s simple. Lepidium will create a sense of awe once you see it because of its delicacy and beautiful green color. Wanna give it a try in your next floral creation? Make sure to contact your KAM’s so they can help you out with your order.


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