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Lepidium being Magical

Want to know what whimsical magic feels like? Just by looking at our premium-quality Lepidium, you´ll get to feel it. It’s an indescribable feeling we get every time we see them because they truly have the ability to greatly transform and change any space, moment, event, or even our worst days into naturally good days. 


With their perfect, stunning green color, they can instantly captivate your attention and are definitely go-getters, meaning you should run and get your Lepidium today because they are one of the most versatile and combinable types of foliage that exist in the flower world. 


Whats the best part? One of our Lepidiums greatest benefits is that they do not require lighting and are VERY long-lasting, even with minimum care. Did you know that our Green Dragon Lepidium can also be preserved? Preservation is a great method to make your flowers last for a veeery long time and they never lose their floral properties.  


Want to know the second best part? Sky Flowers Green Dragon Lepidium are very versatile and have become popularly known for being the best type of foliage for decor purposes as well as to create gorgeous floral bouquets. If youre looking to compliment any floral bouquet, our green foliage will be your flower savior. They will add life to any floral bouquet or arrangement you create and they will definitely become your new and favorite fillers. 


If you´re ready to live a magical experience with our Green Dragon Lepidium, contact us at : 

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