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The newest addition you need
in your life: LEPIDIUMS.

Have you ever thought about something you need in your life ASAP? We know what you need right now… our Sky Flowers LEPIDIUM COLLECTION! Because honestly, how can you NOT want them today? Tune into this article to find out everything about our stunning Lepidium blooms!

You might be wondering and thinking about the fact that there are hundreds of Lepidium varieties in the world, however, at Sky Flowers, we grow the world´s most fascinating Green Bell Lepidium variety. You know what that means right? Our Green Bell Lepidium variety is definitely our new fave for wedding foliage decor! 

But hold up… what makes our Green Bell Lepidium variety SO special and nowadays one of the most popular types of foliage flowers? Let´s learn a little about this variety’s notable characteristics and why you need them in your life NOW! Our Lepidium Green Bell is characterized for being an ultimate foliage filler that blends harmoniously and adds volume and quality to any flower arrangement or bouquet you have. Imagine a bouquet with ONLY roses or ONLY hydrangeas? We always think that a mix and match of different types of seasonal flowers make the perfect bouquet combo, but NEVER EVER forget about your Lepidium in order to have a bold, stunning bouquet.

Who´s ready to live an unforgettable Lepidium floral experience? We promise they have the instant ability to change your mood, and even better, change your LIFE! Because we can all agree that life without flowers wouldn´t be life. Flowers add color, joy, love, and brightness to any day or space we want! Now, this is the true magic of the power of flowers. 
If you want to buy top-quality Lepidiums, Sky Flowers is the choice for you! Carefully picked out for all of our clients, make sure you follow us on Ig to find out more about our Lepidium varieties and innovative products!

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