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Say hello to Matricaria!

Drum rolls for the new beauty joining our Sky Flowers family… say hello to Matricaria! Also known as Matricaria chamomilla, this delicate diminutive white flower is part of the Asteraceae family and contains the well-known medicinal plant species Matricaria chamomilla L also known as the "star among medicinal species. Not only that, but Matricaria is also used by itself in bouquets, having a wonderful white and yellow centered flower arrangement.  


We love starting a fresh new year with new varieties added to our flower fam, and this time Matricaria, aka the Chamomille flower is here to stay and become your ultimate favorite. It’s basically two in one because you can use it for flower arrangements and then re-use it as a medicinal plant! The language of flowers for Matricaria is reconciliation and resisting adversity. It symbolizes bravery and courage, so if you thought you had a rough 2022, this gorgeous flower can be your reminder every day of how strong you are and how great things await you this 2023. 


You may be wondering, how you can use it in your floral creations. It's easy!  We’ll tell you how. Matricaria can be used alone or accompanied by other flowers as well. But what we would suggest is a bouquet full of Matricaria because of the visual appeal the tiny white flowers create when put together. It’s like a sea full of white and yellow paradise. So, if you’re lacking an idea to gift a loved one, an arrangement full of these gorgeous flowers works perfectly.


Showy, aromatic white flowers with yellow centers dot the plant for a long bloom season in the summer. Matricaria can be used for tea, potpourris, garnishes, and crafts. Chamomile tea has long been thought to provide a relaxing effect. But that’s not all! Besides being able to use in a bouquet, Matricaria is also a very popular and widely utilized therapeutic herb in both folk and traditional medicine. 


Years of conventional and scientific use and research have confirmed its multitherapeutic, aesthetic, and nutritional properties. It was introduced to India during the Mughal period, now it is grown in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Jammu, and Kashmir. The plants can be found in North Africa, Asia, North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand.


Now that you have all the juicy details on this stupendous, versatile tiny flower, are you ready to get your hands on it and make a bunch of them yours? If the answer is yes, then don't doubt to contact directly or contact your KAM’s to know why you need this beautiful flower ASAP.


Matricaria will be conquering this 2023!

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