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Make your holidays even merrier with beautiful flowers.

We are firm believers that flowers make our world, our life, our days, and even our holidays extra special. They just have an iridescent look and irresistible gorgeousness that is simply to walk away from. For the Christmas holidays, we want to invite you to boost up your Xmas moods and decor with our holiday edition Hydrangea colors. Can you guess what our favorites are? Yep… our platinum red and platinum gold Hydrangeas have conquered our hearts for Christmas!


Christmas is all about bold, but classic colors for decoration. In our Sky Flowers Christmas Decor Edition, we’d like to give you a holiday floral arrangement idea you’ll love. Any space in which you decide to add our red and gold Hydrangeas will automatically be transformed, plus give you all the holiday vibes you need. It’s time to DIY with Sky!


To create a beautiful Christmas edition floral arrangement you’ll need the following:

  • Your favorite vase

  • Your favorite colored hydrangeas

  • Green Dragon Lepidium to fill up your arrangement and give it even MORE volume!

  • Holiday spirit

  • Lots of love 


Did you know that our Green Dragon Lepidium is the perfect addition for any type of floral arrangement? Christmas is a season where we see lots of red and green colors. This is your call to try our Lepidium for your next holiday floral arrangement. Trust us, our Lepidium will become your favorite filler. 


With these in mind, you’re set to create the perfect Christmas floral arrangement. Just cut the stems of your hydrangeas to a size that most fits with your style, arrange your blooms in the order, color patterns you like and you’re done!


If you want to order your favorite colored Hydrangeas for the holidays, we are happy to help you. Contact us directly at:

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