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Our Lepidiums are awarded in 1st. place in the SAF!

Sky Flowers made it to SAF awards and guess what?

Stay here to read more about one of our proudest moments yet! Probably every floral companies dream is to be able to participate in such a prestigious event as this year´s SAF floral competition, and it is our biggest honor to share with you one of the most important and most marvelous moments we´ve had this year! As Sky Flowers, we definitely showed what we are made of, and why our Lepidium variety won the award of BEST PRODUCT! Can you believe it? Cause we still can´t!

First is first, let´s learn a little more about SAF and what their purpose in the floral industry is. The Society of American Florists is an association that bonds and connects people, wholesalers, and retailers from the floral industry. Their purpose is to create and cultivate a thriving floral community where we can all contribute to exciting news, events, and competitions. Now comes the most exciting part… read more below to find out!

We are pleased to have been awarded a Blue Ribbon at this year´s Outstanding Varieties Competition carried out by The Society of American Florists in their 136th annual flower convention. Our effort at Sky Flowers of growing and producing South America´s best Lepidium was clearly shown at the competition because as we can proudly say again, we were awarded the Best Product Prize for our Lepidium variety. 

This award is not only ours, but it´s also yours. To everyone who is constantly supporting us, motivating us, and inspiring us, this prize is for you! Thank you to all our clients who keep pushing us to create the world´s most gorgeous, premium quality flower varieties out there! In Sky Flowers, we are determined to conquer your floral world. 

Let´s bloom together.

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