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New Colors in Autumn!

Autumn flowers ready to conquer your days! It´s October and of course you know what that means… Brown leafy floors that simply give us a spectacular view every single day. With Autumn comes a very special season for Sky Flowers because this leafy season has arrived just in time for our new hydrangea shades and colors! By the way, we can´t promise you won´t fall in love instantly and will want to take them ALL.


If you´re new around here, welcome to the best floral blog where you´ll be able to read about news in the floral industry, floral trends and the best part? Know everything about our 2 star varieties in Sky Flowers: Hydrangeas and Lepidium, made with lots of love in Antioquia, Colombia.


Today we´re going to talk about 4 hydrangea colors that are a MUST for this season, specially if you are looking for incredible house decor ideas or even for a birthday gift for your loved ones. Our tinted autumn hydrangeas + a side of Lepidium will be the perfect compliment for your life. For this Autumn season, we have 4 varieties of Hydrangeas that are a MUST:

- Hydrangea Russet

- Hydrangea Old Gold

- Hydrangea Sunset

- Hydrangea Red Ochre


Hint hint... a little mix of brownish burgundy with leafy orange autumn colors wilk transform your spaces in literally minutes, that´s how magical and powerful our hydrangeas are. These are exclusive colors that only Sky Flowers can obtain with the incredible hands of our talented Colombian Floral Artisans.


Get ready for Autumn Season with Sky Flowers... our Hydrangeas and Lepidium will definitely change your season completely! At Sky Flowers we are always looking to create the best blooms for all of you, so stay tuned for this month’s trending flowers and colors of the season.


Who’s here to join our flower journey? 😍


If you want more information about our varieties please contact:

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