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New week, new dose of Sky Flowers news!

This is what you need to know about her:


Last week was a very exciting week for us because we announced a new beauty making its way into Sky Flowers and it's finally a reality! We now have Matilda ptilotus available and trust us when we say she’s going to be your new spoiled flower. Ready to be impressed? Drum roll, please… Say hello to Matilda!


Let’s start with a few basics just to give you a new background on what will become one of your favorite blooms of all time. Matilda ptilotus belongs to “Ptilotus exaltatus” which is known to be a perennial plant belonging to the Amaranthaceae family. 


Did you know Matilda is grown in Australian land? In semi-desert regions of South West Australia, ptilotus is a natural plant. Soil with good drainage and a deep root system is essential for a great Matilda ptilotus production.


What is it about Matilda that’ll get your heart beating to have a dose of her more and more every time? It’s easy. Her attractive feathery shape, plus the combination of a duo tonality of purple and pink colors is what mesmerizes everyone upon first sight. 


As if that weren’t enough, Matilda is a flower that can last for more than two weeks and reach astounding lengths of more than 70 cm. Over the years, Matilda has become a cut-flower novelty that attracts both designers and flower growers. Her ability to stand out among other flowers in floral bouquets is beyond amazing, not leaving out the fact that by herself she makes the most beautiful bouquet as well. 


If you’re ready to add Matilda to your life and any bouquet you want to beautify even more, remember she’s now available at Sky Flowers. You can purchase Matilda directly by contacting your KAMS for more information!

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