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! New Year, New Wishes !

New year, new wishes, new goals, and lots of new flowers! 


As the wonderful year is coming to an end in a matter of days and hours, all we can say is THANK YOU 2022! 


Like every year in the flower industry, there are always challenges and hard times to rise up and be the best, especially after COVID 19, but the happy times and greatest pleasures are always more than the hard moments and are the ones that truly get us going, always standing up and continue to give all our clients the best type of flowers and foliage in South America.


With a new year coming in, we can just say there are many surprises awaiting for our most beloved clients and Sky Flowers followers. You will for sure be seeing new flowers added to our blooming fam as well as the most interesting floral news in the industry to keep you up to date. Sky Flowers will be growing exponentially in 2023 and we can’t wait for you to be a part of our growth and journey. 


For now, all we can say is thank you. Thank you for the continuous support. Thank you for all the love, positive messages, and for choosing Sky Flowers to make yourself and your loved ones happy with flowers. Remember that if you want to boost the first days of your 2023, flowers is the way to go. They will instantly raise your mood, give you a boost in happiness and make your spaces sparkle with radiance at all times. Do you know which hydrangea color will be keeping you company in this new year? Take your pick at


And once again, Happy New Years from your Sky Flowers fam! 

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