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New Year, New Chance to Bloom

First of all, before anything else we have to say, we want to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year! We know 2022 is the beginning of many great, and new experiences coming around for Sky Flowers, and to announce we’re excited is the least we could say. 


2021 taught us that staying united is what allows us to grow, and having each other’s backs is essential. In this new year, we want to wish every single floral company out there a happy year! May you all grow and produce beautiful flowers for the entire world because today more than ever, the world needs happiness and joy. 


We’re sure everyone has heard the “New Year, New Me” quote. We just wanted to say that “starting your life from zero” or feeling an immense amount of pressure to change every single aspect of who you are when you start a new year is not necessary. This is a chance to work on the version of yourself you are right now and make it better with every day that goes by. This is your chance to bloom into the best version of yourself, one that allows you to fulfill yourself emotionally and mentally, as well as allowing you to accomplish small attainable goals you have for this new year. 


2022, we’re ready to bloom fantastically in every area that this beautiful life allows us to. We’d love to know, what are some of your 2022 goals? Only three days into the new year and we’re feeling very motivated and excited for what is coming. We’ll give you a clue… innovation, creation, production, new colors, new countries, new floral goals! Ahhhh, we can already smell a year of successful floral bloomings at Sky Flowers.


Hold on tight because what’s coming to Sky Flowers is magnificently blooming. With the help of our entire team of Sky Flortisans and our incredibly talented Sky team, you’re going to be impressed with what we have for all of you! Cheers for a year FULL of beautiful flowers to make your life ten times better. Without flowers, life is not as beautiful and fun. 


2022, we’re READY for new flowers. Let’s make the most out of every single day. Ready, set, go!

If you want more information about Sky Flowers, please contact us at:, and make sure you follow us on Instagram to know all about us: @skyflowerscol

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