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Have You Met Our Crush For The Week?

We’re crushing hard…. and this time it’s not only on Hydrangeas. Of course, we’re talking about the lemon-green-colored Green Drago Lepidium we carefully produce and harvest at our beautiful farms in Colombia.


You might be wondering, what exactly does this foliage look like, and what are the different uses you can give it? No worries, in today’s Lepidium lesson 101, you’ll find out everything you need to make this gorgeous green foliage your newest crush of the week. 


Starting with 3 simple uses of our Green Dragon Lepidium, it can be used as:


  • A filler

  • As an accent flower

  • Or as green foliage


We’ll now proceed to explain each one and let you know that you can create WONDERS with Sky Flowers’ Green Dragon Lepidium. Foliage is specifically designed to serve as a unique decorative filler for any type of floral arrangement, or a bouquet, trust us Lepidium is your way to go if you’re looking to add volume to any of the above-mentioned. 


Secondly, they serve as an accent flower, meaning they add color and texture to anything you’d like as well. With their perfect, attention-grabber green color, they can instantly captivate your eyes and are definitely go-getters meaning you should run and get your Lepidium today because they are one of the most versatile and combinable types of foliage that exist in the flower world. 


The third use comes up to be pretty obvious and relates to the other two uses, and should be your first choice of green foliage whenever you’re looking to enhance or transform any type of environment, event, or situation. 


The best news? You’ll have the chance to see our Lepidium LIVE in this year’s Floral Conference taking place in Miami from March 7th to 9th! For us, it’s very important to provide high-quality flowers for the entire world, and besides this, make everyone experience the Sky Flowers magic behind our brand. 


If you want to meet us at the Floral Conference, remember we’ll be on booth 217, showcasing our gorgeous Hydrangea varieties and Lepidium foliages. See you there? 


If you´re ready to live a magical experience with our Green Dragon Lepidium, contact us at

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