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Our Family, our History.

Tune in to learn the story behind Sky Flowers: our family-owned floral business! 


Flowers themselves already make life ten times more beautiful… but you know what makes them even MORE beautiful? Coming from a family-owned business, built with incredible amounts of love, honesty, transparency, effort, innovation, persistence, and commitment. 


With loads of dedication and a strong, blooming idea, David Bojanini, one of Sky Flower´s CEO, alongside two more family members, decided in 2015, that it was time to create what is now one of the top floral companies in Colombia dedicated to the production and growth of South America´s best Hydrangea and Lepidium varieties. 


From 3 to 8, to now 15 acres of land, we are proud to say that we have our own Sky Flowers plantation where the entire magical process of growing our varieties starting with just a little seed, until seeing their majestic blooming cycle takes place. Now this, is the true gift of nature and its beautiful blooming flowers. 


Quality is at the best of our standards, and because of our premium quality services and products, we have been able to export our best selling products: Hydrangeas and Lepidium to markets all over the world like the United States, Netherlands, and Russia. 


Our customers inspire us to deliver top standard products and remember that in Sky Flowers, our Hydrangeas and Lepidiums will NEVER disappoint. Go ahead and take a peek at our catalog and decide for yourself what variety is your favorite!


Who wants to join our Sky Flowers journey? 


Make sure to follow us on IG: skyflowerscol and Linkedin: Sky Flowers to find out everything you need to know about our gorgeous varieties, floral experiences, and important news about the floral industry! 

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