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Our Hydrangeas are pure LOVE!

Let’s go back for one second and recap what last week was for Sky Flowers! After many months of hard work, we were finally able to launch our newest catalogs! As we have always said, teamwork makes the dream work, and we’re proud to say we have the most amazing team behind our brand, who make everything happen, and most of all make our clients happy worldwide.


As part of our new catalogs, we must say that we’re definitely in LOVE with our V-day edition catalog. Let’s remind ourselves that Valentine’s Day is surely not about giving our material gifts, rather heartfelt gifts that come straight from the heart. If we have learned something throughout all these years is that flowers are the way to someone’s heart. Not only because of their incredible beauty but because they literally have the instant ability to make your jaw drop at first sight. Just like love at first sight we could say…


If you are still looking to give a nice detail to your loved ones, or even to yourself for this day you’re still in time to get your favorite V-day edition Hydrangeas delivered. Let’s remember that Valentine’s Day is not always about relationships, it can be about expressing how much you actually love and care about yourself. 


So, this said, how about choosing your favorite Hydrangeas from our newest Valentine’s catalog, and surprise yourself or any of your family members to celebrate this day in the company of the world’s most gorgeous blooms?


Mixing tones of reds, pinks, whites, and some golds, these are the perfect color shades to boost up your environment and transform any sort of space for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have dinner, or simply want to decorate your room for when you work the next days, a combo of these shades will certainly brighten up your loving day. Ready to fall in love at first sight? 


Nothing says love like Sky Flowers Hydrangeas. Take a look at our V-day catalog and choose your faves today to get them delivered on time. We’re telling you… they are pure LOVE.


Download the catalog here:

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