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We’ve Got News! Say Hello To Our
Newest Sky Flowers Catalogs!

With a new year, comes new catalogs of course and we couldn’t be more excited to finally announce they are HERE and ready to fill your lives up with the best blooms in South America. Our Colombian Hydrangeas and Lepidium are known to be the most beautiful, and top-quality blooms of the region, and not only that but of the entire world! If you haven’t yet had the Sky Flowers experience, don’t wait any longer, and take a look at our newest catalogs below!


At Sky Flowers, we believe innovation and creation go by hand. Everything we create for our clients is thought with lots of innovative ideas behind, because we love surprising the world with new shades and majestic colors that can be used for any type of occasion, going from birthdays to wedding events, etc. 


First and most importantly, as the date is getting VERY close, we’ve updated and created a beautiful loving catalog for Valentine’s Day. You’ll be surprised by what our Sky Flowers Cupid has in line for you for this incredible day. Brushing through tones of passionate red, all the way to more neutral pinks and light gold tones, these are the perfect flowers to show someone how much they mean to you and how much you truly love them. 


But wait, that’s not all. We’ve also started 2022 with a fresh, new catalog of all our Sky Flowers blooms including all our Hydrangea color ranges, and our award-winning Lepidium. Remember we ship worldwide and you can now choose your favorite hydrangea color, with a little side of Lepidium to fill your vases and create a gorgeous floral arrangement, and we’ll deliver them straight to your door!


PS: if you’re looking to buy your loved ones or even yourself some V-day flowers, we recommend shopping for yours with anticipation so they get delivered on time! Don’t miss out on the world’s most stunning hydrangeas!


Check out our new catalogs here:

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