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Image by Marina Yalanska


Our surprises in Sky Flowers!

Surprise, surprise, we’re back again with VERY, exciting and innovative news for all of you special flower lovers. 


First and foremost, remember when we announced we were close to getting Global G.A.P. certified? Well, it’s our greatest pleasure and we pride ourselves in announcing we’ve finally got our certification, meaning only great things are coming for Sky Flowers. We’re assuring the best quality of flowers are delivered to the entire world, put through a very meticulous growing and logistical process to make all of you extra happy because that’s what we do, we deliver happiness through flowers. 


The second great news and most exciting is that we have new bloomers at Sky Flowers! Can you guess which our new variety is? Chrysanthemums it is! We’re thrilled to announce that after long months of hard work, these incredible, versatile, and extra colorful blooms have finally landed on our flower menu. 


With more than 20 different colors and Chrysanthemum shapes, they are bound to become your favorite annual flower. If you’re looking to add more color and an incredible shape highlighting abundantly perfect petals, you’re in for a win with our Sky Flowers Chrysanthemums.


The best part is that we’ll have single-colored Chrysanthemums, as well as a few bi-colored ones for you to choose the ones you love and go with your floral style the best. At Sky Flowers, we love innovating and creating the world’s most gorgeous blooms and we’re convinced these new flowers are going to be your greatest company, along with our gorgeous range of hydrangeas. 


If you want to know more about our newest Chrysanthemum collection, make sure to contact directly. 


Get ready to bloom happily with Chrysanthemums!

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