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Painted Lepidium For X-Mas: The More The Merrier !

How many people around here absolutely adore the Christmas season? For us, it is a holiday that immerses happiness, love, joy, and quality time with loved ones. Not only that but it's the perfect time to show off all sorts of fantastic decoration ideas featuring traditional Christmas colors. This time, our Sky Flowers Lepidium is taking full-on protagonism to start off the merriest season of the year the right way. Keep reading to find out a Green Dragon Lepidium surprise!


This year, you’re not just getting the usual beautiful green Lepidium. Although the traditional foliage is indeed incredibly unique, delicate, and beautiful, we’ve decided to renew our idea of Lepidium for X-Mas and have chosen to have painted Lepidium as well! What better way of getting very festive and into the holiday mood than with your favorite filler in different colors that can suit any type of environment and color schemes?


Lepidium Green Dragon is the ideal cut flower and a fantastic attention-getter because it is light, airy, robust, and sturdy. The tiny blossoms give this flower more personality and increase its value when used fresh or dried. 


This cut green is a great delight to look at, according to the most amazing floral artisans in the world. The Lepidium is praised for its exceptional capacity to design well-balanced bouquets and arrangements. Green Dragon's gorgeous texture, volume, and vibrant green exuberance nicely complement a floral bouquet. Additionally, it appears to have just been plucked, which causes the vibrant green to emanate life and replenish your wellbeing.


For Christmas, Lepidium is a great option for arrangements and to of course make the special days even more unique with a distinctive and colorful touch with our latest range of painted Lepidium. Depending on the season there will be different colors, but for now, a range between beiges, red, blue, silver, and a few more are fully available to pre-order for Christmas already! If you have a creative mind when it comes to floral decorations, you’ll really love our painted Green Dragon Lepidium. They will quickly become a signature filler for the celebrations so go ahead and get your favorite colors today!


For more orders and information on painted Lepidium make sure to contact your KAM’s directly or email:

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