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Paint your life with Rainbows!

They’re not just any hydrangeas, they’re the Sky Flowers Rainbow hydrangeas and they’re very limited edition. With summer in sight, we wanted to add an extra dose of bright colors to your day, the only difference is that instead of buying a single-colored bouquet, you’ve got a glimpse of several colors all in one. Sounds amazing right? Because they are, and of course, they’re part of our ultimate summer favorites.


If you’re reading this blog post, then probably you’re searching for that extra dose and addition of color to your life. Because what would life without rainbow colors be like? Featuring rainbow colors like turquoise, lavender, pink, and light yellow, our gorgeous hydrangeas are ready to make a statement placed whenever, wherever. Besides looking like a full-on rainbow, they also look like a cotton candy dream. Perfection at its finest? We think so too. 


 How to use our rainbow hydrangeas? It’s simple. You can literally place them anywhere, whether they be used as a center table for the perfect summer decor theme, or as a beautiful bouquet for kitchen decoration. You name it, but rainbow hydrangeas are always here for you and to help you brighten up spaces you find dull. Besides these decoration purposes, imagine giving your partner, your best friend, your parents, or even gifting yourself one of these magical bouquets? Trust us when we say they make everything and every second better with their gorgeous and striking rainbow colors. 


Ready to make your summer sparkle with rainbow colors? If you want to place your orders make sure to contact: and follow us on Instagram: @skyflowerscol to be the first to know about new product launches.

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