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How to create the perfect summer center table using Hydrangeas!

Summer, from June to late August is considered one of the favorites, if not the favorite season of the majority of people. Why? Just take a look out your window and you’ll be convinced that the warmest season of the year is actually the most beautiful and the one we can enjoy the most. Blue skies without a single cloud, paired with the greenest and most colorful gardens full of striking flowers, plus the perfect weather to go for a walk or maybe a quick trip to any nearby beach, are what make summer the best season of the year. And this time, we’re here to talk about how you can create the perfect summer center table using Hydrangeas for any lunch, important summer event, formal breezy dinner, or simply a summer birthday festivity. 


Steps to create the perfect summer center table using Hydrangeas:


  • Start by deciding on the venue, and type of celebration: whether it is a center table for a formal dinner or casual summer lunch or a birthday celebration, make sure to check out the venue you’re about to use for the summer celebration. 

  • After getting into the mood of what you want, it’s time to decide what type of summer decor you’ll be using for the celebration. Maybe summer tropical vibes, or maybe go all the way towards neutrals for nice aesthetic decor. But for summer, the more bright colors, the better! 

  • Next, the most important part is to make your summer center tables shine… can you guess what we’re talking about? Flowers. Choosing the right Hydrangeas and adequate colors will be a game-changer for your summer center tables.

  • Decide whether you want bold, rich summer colors like yellow, orange, and bright pink, or maybe softer colors like beige, peach, or light pink which will still give a relaxed fit for summer decor. 


And voila! Just like that, in 4 easy steps, you can have the summer center table and decor of your dreams just by adding a dose of your favorite summer-colored hydrangeas. Trust us when we say that the use of flowers in any given space will completely transform everything and make it look much more beautiful. 


If you want to order your summer hydrangeas, make sure to contact:, and follow us on Instagram: @skyflowerscol to be the first to know about new product launches.

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