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Valentine´s Day Brochure 2022

🌹 We can already feel the Valentine’s vibes with our V-day red and pink hydrangea shades! Make sure you stock up on your red and pink hydrangeas for this loving celebration before they run out! Hydrangeas are here to conquer your hearts on February 14th! Order yours now. ❤❤❤ #hydrangeas #valentinesday 


Brochure of Season 2022

🌼  At Sky Flowers, our main motto in life is creating things with passion, but of course, along with creating, comes the idea of INNOVATING. Innovation and creation are at the core of our brand’s identity and we couldn’t be prouder of who we have become after so many years in the Colombian flower—specifically Hydrangea and Green Dragon Lepidium market. Introducing our newest Sky Flowers Catalog, made with love and lots of creativity to create the best, and most exclusive floral color combinations. We love giving our clients lots of options to choose from, and we truly know you’re going to like this catalog.


Brochure of Season 2020

You can enjoy our brochure without downloading it, or you can keep it and see all the amazing colors that we have available. Also we can create special orders for you, just ask for it, we make it happen.

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