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Say I Love You With A Bouquet
of Red Hydrangeas

As we’re already halfway into the first month of the year, all we can say is that Valentine’s season has arrived not only in Sky Flowers but in every floral company worldwide. January is a very busy month for all the floral companies, so we truly wish all of you the best for this year’s Valentine’s Day! This said, we’re very excited to announce that our MUST HAVE for Valentine’s Day are our gorgeous stunners—our Passionate Red Hydrangeas.


After already two ongoing years of difficult times for the entire world, we’ve all learned that two of the most important values to always keep close to our hearts are love and union. When we are all united, great things happen. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, we want to celebrate love and union with details that matter the most, like a bouquet of your partner's, or loved ones’ favorite Hydrangeas. 


Love can be celebrated in so many ways. You can celebrate the love for yourself, love for your parents, best friends, partners, or even greet a stranger and give them one flower while walking down the street because these are the small details that give life meaning. For this Valentine’s Day how about we gift someone special a bouquet of our Passionate Red Hydrangeas to make this day even more special?


They’re here to impress and make a statement entrance to what is going to be Valentine’s Day. With their extra bold, mesmerizing and attractive deep red color, they have the power to captivate any eyes out there and make this celebration truly loving. But wait, that’s not all. You can also build your OWN bouquet and make it even more lovable. 


Simple: Just buy your favorite colored-hydrangeas, and add a touch of our Sky Flowers Green Dragon Lepidium to make the PERFECT Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement. The color combo of red and green will have that special person drooling over this floral arrangement!


Did someone say love at first sight? Remember you can now PRE-ORDER our Passionate Red Hydrangeas and Lepidium for Valentine’s season. Make sure you make your orders on time, so they arrive before the big love day. 


PS: We’ve got cupid working had to send your beautiful flowers WORLDWIDE!


Remember, the greatest gifts come from the heart.

If you want more information about Sky Flowers, please contact us at:, and make sure you follow us on Instagram to know all about us: @skyflowerscol

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