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Saving the Bees

If bees had the opportunity to talk to us, they’d say one thing: work for your honey, meaning always work for your success and for what you want in your life to actually thrive and survive. Today’s blog is a little different than the rest given the fact we’re about to talk about the importance of bees to the world and our daily environment.


But no worries, we’ll also add a little dose of flower love at the end for you to understand why bees also need flowers to survive, plus how with our newest GLOBAL G.A.P. certification we’re looking to take care of the lives of bees and insects and our gorgeous flowers.


How do bees help the world and how do they benefit our day-to-day lives? Here are a couple of reasons why you’ll love bees even MORE!


1. Bees are one of the world’s most important pollinators for food crops — each day we rely on bees and other pollinators. In fact, out of every three bites we consume relies on pollination.


2. Bees not only help with food crops, but they also pollinate wild plants. We should never ignore the importance of wild plants in our lives. Wild plants are major components of biodiversity. They provide food to a wide variety of insects, birds and animals that constitute nature.


3. All honeybees bring the plant nectar they collect back to the colony. They create honey in a cell by combining the nectar with their saliva. Only bees are capable of making honey for us. One essential food that has a significant positive impact on our health is honey.

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4. Honeybees can be used to manufacture a wide range of goods. Bee pollen is probably one of the most typical items we have seen on the market. Although it has few calories, the food item is high in proteins, enzymes, vitamins, healthy carbs, amino acids, and bioflavonoids. 


Bee wax is yet another crucial product. Candles, furniture polish, and skin care items all include it.


5. Bees give so many people in several countries employment. Bee farms are major sources of employment in the US. According to the US Department of Agriculture, there are about 200,000 beekeepers in the country. These people employ at least four workers on their farms to help them manage the colonies. 


Impressed yet? Now, when it comes to flowers, you must know bees also play a crucial role in the lives of flowers. Bees are essential to the cross-pollination of flowers' female plants. The extra pollen that bees consume through their pollen-collecting hairs is picked up by their bodies and discharged when they land. It is essential for the survival of that flower species for pollen to behave as the flower's seed.


At Sky Flowers, we’re dedicated to taking care of our environment and the insects that make part of it. In this case, the queen bees deserve a safe space in our flowers and they’ll always have it. 


Long live bees!

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