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Image by Sean Oulashin


Summer is the way!

We’ve got a feeling of the summer days coming right up and we’re beyond excited because the more sun, the more vivid and radiant flowers for your eyes’ delight. Raise your hand if your favorite season is filled with fun in the sun and beautiful, yet highly colorful blooms? Yep, at Sky Flowers, we’re definitely feeling the summer heat and our Hydrangeas can confirm it.


Some of our top summer color picks include lavender, light to strong shades of pink to add a pop of color to any space, event, or day, plus bright yellow Hydrangeas with the ability to make your happiness soar by only seeing them. But not only do we have those colors, summer at Sky Flowers is coming in strong and we’ll have over 20 different seasonal shades to choose from, but of course, the ones we mentioned earlier are certainly some of the most highlighting hues. 


Did you know every color has a different meaning? Our pink hydrangeas symbolize true feelings and are a great fit for summer wedding bouquets or table arrangements because of their soft, yet delicate look. Some say pink hydrangeas carry sincere emotions and the meaning of love. 


On the other side, lavender or purple hydrangeas symbolize a desire to deeply understand someone…yep, your favorite person is trying to make you understand that summer is their favorite season and they definitely want a dose of the most beautiful lavender hydrangeas by Sky Flowers! We really don’t want to see you missing out on the summer greatness coming ahead, and we really want you to lift up your happiness and joy with yellow hydrangeas. Trust us when we say they have the magic power of healing any sad day and turning that frown upside down. After all, summer is known as the happiest season of the year for a reason and you’ve got it right here!


Please keep in mind that we have a complete catalog with a range of stunning and striking colors ready to conquer your hot summer days. Remember, there is no good summer without the presence of gorgeous flowers in your house, and of course even more if they are your favorite hydrangeas. 


If you want to place your orders make sure to contact:, and follow us on Instagram @skyflowerscol to be the first to know about new product launches. 

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