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Taking care of Flowers.

Like any other living species in the world, flowers require an extensive amount of love and care handles to actually thrive and keep you company for a good amount of time. In many cases, people don’t know how to take care of hydrangeas appropriately, resulting in the loss of the flower in a quick few days. Did you know hydrangeas are not only easy to grow but are also quite hardy and resistant to most pests and diseases? This is what makes them even easier to care for. We’re here to hydrangea-save you with specific tips on how to best take care of them for optimal results. 

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  • Unpack your gorgeous flowers carefully after receiving them.

  • Cut the stem diagonally before placing them in the hydrating bags.

  • The containers where you place the flowers must be disinfected with a chlorine solution.

  • The moisturizing solution (Chrysal professional #1) must be prepared in cold water prior to placing your hydrangeas in the water. Make sure to leave the flowers for 6 to 12 hours in this solution.

  • Then place the flowers in Chrysal professional #2 or similar. Change this solution every 2 or 3 days or when it is uncolored cutting the stems again diagonally.

  • Keep the flowers in a fresh space avoiding direct sunlight and excessive temperatures as this might make the petals wilt and turn brown.

  • If a flower presents dehydration it can be submerged in iced water for 5 minutes and then placed back in the moisturizing solution. The flower will recover in about 30 minutes.



We want to provide you with these valuable care handles so your hydrangeas can last longer and you can enjoy their stunning beauty for more time. In case you have any other questions regarding the care and handling of your flowers, don’t hesitate to contact


We hope you enjoy the charm and beauty of your favorite hydrangeas!

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