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Thanksgiving flowers to feel thankful for nature!

Now that the spooky season is over, we can proceed to start thinking about Thanksgiving and what this holiday signifies to the many of us who celebrate it. Thanksgiving, which takes place during the last days of November, is typically a time for reflecting on thankfulness and recognizing the things, people, and aspects of life we appreciate. 


Alongside being thankful for all you have in life, the decorations accompanying this beautiful holiday are also lovely, and of course, include flowers, specifically hydrangeas. 


To decorate your homes the best way possible, we’ve arranged a series of bouquets just to give you an idea of how and what flowers you can use to match the color palette of Thanksgiving. The optimal choice would be to go for warm colors including some shades of dark red, yellow, orange, and even an addition of gorgeous metallic hydrangeas in gold. Hydrangeas can be widely used for many purposes when decorating a Thanksgiving environment.


First of all, you can achieve a spectacular table center and setting when you include hydrangeas in it (guaranteed). You can start by sprouting hydrangea stems throughout the center table delicately, and give it a more natural and spontaneous look. But that’s not all, you can go ahead and prepare your favorite vases and place two or more along the spots you most desire, and load the center table with already fixed hydrangea bouquets in Thanksgiving tonalities. 


Or better yet, you can also gift your loved ones a bouquet full of spectacular fall colors that go perfectly with the Thanksgiving holiday as a way of saying thank you for having them in your life, thank you for what they do for you, and thank them for their existence and for making this world a better one. Because the world is a much better one if you say thank you on a daily basis and give thanks for the treasure of being able to live this amazing life.


So, if you’re ready to get your hands on our Thanksgiving gorgeousness and enjoy a full dose of the world’s prettiest hydrangeas, make sure to contact your sales reps for more information and orders!


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