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The Emotional Impact of Flowers Is Astonishing!

Hey all flower lovers, this is a special call for you. We know how much you love flowers, and on this occasion, we want to share eight ways flowers can boost your health, all the way from having more creativity, to even helping you sleep better. We recommend not missing out, really. 


1. Better Sleep- Insomnia has invaded a great number of population’s lives and flowers are here to aid you in your sleep process. In this case, the lavender flower has a special lavender oil that’ll help you feel more relaxed and at ease before sleeping, besides the fact it does actually help you fall asleep easier! 

2. A Boost of Energy- It has been scientifically proven that flowers will give you that extra dose of energy you were looking for to get through your days. Feeling sad? Add flowers to your day and you’ll see how much more energy you will actually have.

3. Your Creativity Will Soar- We all know that sitting in an office can be boring at times, reason why you need to add flowers to your spaces and surroundings. By just looking at flowers, it is said that your creativity can instantly be boosted in the best way possible.

4. Focus, Focus, and More Focus! According to scientific evidence, flowers can restore a few of your skills to focus. What helps most recover your focus at a given moment is spending time surrounded by natural elements, specifically flowers to help you keep your focus on point.

5. Purified Air- Because plants and flowers naturally have incredible air purifying properties, having flowers around will help you clean out toxic substances. 

6. You’ll Restore Your Relationship With Nature- Find you’re missing out on spending time with nature? Having flowers is a great way to start bonding again!

7. Physical and Mental Health Upgrade- Depending on the type of flowers, these will have different mental and physical health benefits. For example, chamomile tea has many benefits, including improving heart health, supporting bone health, relieving menstrual pain, and calming anxiety. #thatflowerfeeling

8. Mood Booster Every Single Time! Feeling depressed, stressed, or anxious? Flowers are the answer. Studies say that just looking at flowers and feeling their scent can put you in a better mood. 


Did you know about the incredible benefits flowers can offer you? If not, you know what time it is… Time to get your favorite colored hydrangeas to test out the health benefits. If you want to place an order of health-boosting hydrangeas, make sure to contact, and follow us on Instagram to know all about us: @skyflowerscol.

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