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Let’s learn about the symbolism and meaning of RED FLOWERS for Valentine’s Day!

Let’s be honest. What’s the first thing you think about when you see red flowers? We can definitely say that red flowers are extremely associated with Valentine’s Day, or as a symbol to express deep love. It’s incredible how the psychology of colors plays such an important role not only in our lives but in our visual day-to-day components. 


The universal meaning of red flowers is LOVE. In today’s flower lesson 101, we’ll learn about the history, meaning, and symbolism of red flowers, and how you can make the perfect Valentine’s Day floral arrangement for any special dinner or celebration. 


In the language of flowers, the color red traditionally conveys deep emotions. Whether symbolizing love, passion, beauty, or power, this primary color commands attention. Red flowers send a strong message, from the romance of red roses to the beauty of red hydrangeas, and red chrysanthemums for love.


If you’re looking for a perfect V-day detail for your table, here’s a way you can combine two of our favorite-colored hydrangeas for this loving season. Our Angelical white and passionate red hydrangeas make the perfect combination for a dinner table arrangement for example. 


Our angelical white hydrangeas will surely deliver an incredibly sophisticated look to any floral arrangement. Their pure and delicate white color makes them pour MAGIC into any space you want. This said it’s time to add more color to create the perfect dinner table arrangement. Our classic, bold, passionate red hydrangeas symbolize true love and deep passion of course. Their fierce and stunning red petals make this flower a vital choice for any romantic celebration, especially for V-day!


Once again, we can definitely say that the perfect V-day love combo is a dose of red + white premium quality hydrangeas that can be delivered straight to your door today!


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