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The Power of Flowers

We can all agree that the second we see flowers, we smell flowers or we simply buy flowers, let it be for ourselves or to decorate our houses, they have the magical ability to instantly transform a bad day into a spectacular one. Why? Just look at them… ever seen any more beautiful-looking Hydrangeas or Lepidium in the world?


Ok so raise your hand if you´ve ever witnessed a mood-boosting transformation when you´ve had flower power in your hand? In Sky Flowers, we get the daily opportunity to work in our stunning Colombian Plantations which are overflown with thousands of gorgeous-looking blooms ready to make our days a thousand times better. We are clear witnesses that the power of flowers is MASSIVE and MAGICAL.


Did you know that flowers have the instant ability to brighten up any bad day you´re having, but best of all, they can be part of your solution when you have dreading and stressful days? Trust us when we say that our beautiful Hydrangeas have so much magic in them and their physical beauty that they will indeed lower your stress levels.


At the same time, according to scientific research, flowers can also help reduce levels of anxiety. You can smell them, or stare at them for a while and we promise they will help you develop a sense of calmness within you.


Whenever you see a person with beautiful hydrangeas, what´s the first thing that comes up to your mind? You may be thinking they are gorgeous, beautiful & stunning but most of all that you also want them.


Remember we have a full range of uniquely tinted hydrangeas ready to be delivered straight to your door. If you want more information about our Hydrangeas & Lepidium, please contact: 


And don´t forget to follow us on IG skyflowerscol and Linkedin: Sky Flowers .

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