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Tis’ the season with Christmas Sky Flowers

Can you believe 2021 is coming to an end? That can only mean Christmas season is right around the corner and it is definitely one of our faves of the year. We can feel the Christmas vibes coming in strong at Sky Flowers with our color palette made exclusively for the holidays. We know you’ll love the colors we have prepared for you as much as we do!


How important is it to create beautiful colored blooms that go accordingly with every season? For us, it is extremely important because we love celebrating the joy and happiness that conveys every holiday season. We all know Christmas season is a very important and fun holiday to spend with family, but did you know you can actually make it a LOT better if you have the right decor, meaning the right Christmas flowers? 


Hydrangeas and Sky Flowers Lepidium for Christmas are a GREAT idea because some of the color decor trends for Christmas this year are tending to go from different ranges of green, all the way to metallic golden, peachy, and silver colors. A combo of pure Christmas magic.  You can give your Christmas decor the boost it needs with our Green Dragon Lepidium that works incredibly as a filler for any floral arrangement you might have for Christmas dinners or decor in general. We’re so excited because we are sure you are all going to love our tinted colored-hydrangeas for the season. Your house won’t need anything else than our Sky Flowers Christmas Hydrangeas. 


Who’s joining our Christmas Sky Flowers journey? Stay tuned because we’ll be announcing and showing our limited edition Christmas flowers colors very soon. You’ll want to buy them ALL!


If you’d like more information or want to order our premium-quality Colombian Hydrangeas or our prize-winning Green Dragon Lepidium, contact us directly at:

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