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Valentine’s Day is
the Biggest Holiday for
the Floriculture Industry.

Yes, we’re actually screaming with excitement because our favorite time of the year is less than a month away! The month where love is extra celebrated, and cherished along with the most popular floral holiday ever. It is throughout the entire month of February that red flowers conquer every single space in flower shops and supermarkets. It is important to know a little more about why this holiday is in fact the top and one of the most important for the floral industry.


Floriculture is an international, multi-billion-dollar industry, and this Valentine’s Day there is a good chance you will be supporting the industry. Floriculture includes the production of cut flowers, potted flowering plants, foliage plants, bedding and garden plants, cut cultivated greens, and floriculture materials.


Annually, about 34% of consumers purchase fresh flowers and 20% buy houseplants. Valentine’s day is one of the biggest holidays for purchasing flowers. In 2019, 28% of Americans spent about $1.9 billion on flowers for Valentine’s day. It’s not a surprise that the majority of consumers were men. Only about 19% of women purchased flowers for the holiday. Most of the flowers purchased were for a spouse or significant other, while some purchased flowers for their mother, child, friend or even themselves.


It’s probably no surprise roses are the most purchased flower for Valentine’s Day, accounting for about 84% of purchased flowers. Tulips, carnations, lilies, hydrangeas, and mixed flowers make up the rest. About 29% of consumers bought plants instead of flowers.


Now you understand a little further about the importance of this holiday and how flowers are the universal symbol of love and will always be the greatest pleasure and gift of life. For this Valentine’s Day, we are getting prepped to provide you with the most beautiful red-toned hydrangeas to give to your partner, family, and most importantly as an act of love towards yourself.


Also remember that not all flowers on Valentine’s Day have to be red to represent love necessarily. Hydrangeas are great for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift, with pink hydrangeas symbolizing genuine feelings and emotions. They are also a great pop of color to set the scene for a fun Galentine’s Day.


Plan your V-day with time since the demand for flowers on this special day is extremely high! If you want to start placing your orders, contact your KAM’s for more information or contact directly!

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