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We’re part of the #OneFamily Movement!

Last week was definitely an incredible week for Sky Flowers, not only because the festive holidays are coming up and we LOVE our seasonal Hydrangeas for Christmas, but because we had the chance of talking through an Instagram Live with Blake Bussie from Wffsa.


You might be wondering what is Wffsa? Let us tell you a little more about them and their exceptional mission to unite all types of florists and wholesalers around the world. 


“In the last few years, no one in the floral industry has changed more than the wholesale florist. Today, wholesalers are in a new position in the distribution channel, serving a vital and expanding role in floral distribution. No organization is as uniquely positioned to meet the needs of floral distribution today as WF&FSA. We solely understand the logistical, operational, and marketing challenges that both wholesalers and suppliers face in a changing market.”-Wffsa.


Sky Flowers is determined to make our company a socially responsible one in every way we can. 2021 has been a year where we’ve decided to help people in need through socially responsible ways that can benefit all of us, making us an empathic, compassionate, giving, and humble company. It’s extremely important to get into each other’s shoes and understand how we can give and how we can help people that need us. 


During our Instagram Live, we were able to discuss how we are participating in the #OneFamily Movement this year, and we can pride ourselves in saying that we are actively donating flowers and little gifts for people living close to our main farms, who are in absolute need. We are going to give each and every family member from La Loma, which is a small community near our farms, a beautiful flower as a symbol of love, joy, and happiness for the holidays. 


On the other hand, we have created a Sky Flowers special day which we have named “English Day”, and the symbolism behind it could not be more incredible. At Sky Flowers, we are extremely determined to help other people out, and what better way of helping our company’ members than by teaching them to speak English? Slowly but surely, we are getting to a point where all of our Sky members are learning words in English and it’s one of the best ways in which we are showing our true commitment towards a socially responsible, empathic community.


Because when we help one another, we are helping the world become a better place. This is our ultimate mission at Sky Flowers. We truly hope all of you have incredible holidays filled with loads of love, joy, peace, and happiness with your loved ones!


If you want more information about Sky Flowers, please contact us at:, and make sure you follow us on Instagram to know all about us: @skyflowerscol

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