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Wedding Decoration

An all-white theme has never gone wrong, especially when it comes to the creation of spectacular wedding decor. White gives any space a classy, but elegant look and immediately captivates the attention of anyone who walks into a wedding. 

Today’s blog is all about how our white hydrangeas made part of a beautiful wedding scenario, featuring arches full of Sky Flowers white hydrangeas. Not only that, but we’ll give you a little update on why hydrangeas are considered one of the most perfect wedding blooms of all time. 


The fashionable cut hydrangea has long been recognized as an exquisite bouquet component. The hydrangea is the ideal bridal flower because it represents elegance, beauty, and abundance. What makes it the perfect wedding flower to elevate any part of wedding decor is the profusion of its blooms and the spacious dome shape it ensembles. The blossom also represents sincerity and gratitude, making it a great way to show and express appreciation for everyone who attends a wedding.


Recently, we had the opportunity to include hundreds of our gorgeous white hydrangeas in a wedding “arch-like” piece that was placed around the main bride and groom’s wedding table. To say the result was spectacular would be an understatement, literally. You be the judge of this artwork and tell us what you think. One thing we know for sure is that Sky Flowers hydrangeas are ready to decorate and beautify any wedding space. 


If you want to know more about our white hydrangeas and how they’ll instantly add magic to your wedding, contact:

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