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Weekly News.

Although we absolutely adore talking about hydrangeas, it’s time to mix things up a little and fuse our love for flowers with relevant news in the industry along with our weekly sale announcements. Are you ready for some flower treats? We sure are!

Expo Flor Ecua.jpg

Expo Flor Ecuador.

First and most importantly, very important news coming from our Ecuadorian friends in the flower industry. This year, from October 5th to October 7th, a very renowned flower fair is taking place in Quito, Ecuador. Have you heard of Expo Flor Ecuador? It is an annual convention, and after two complete years of not being able to withhold the event due to COVID 19, this year it comes back with a lot of strength. If you’re looking for new opportunities in the floral industry, new growers, traders, interesting flower businesses, and want loads of networking, this event is for you. You still have time to register at:




Don’t miss it!

Fall Sale.jpg

Look Out For Endless Summer Pop Star 2023.

For all the hydrangea lovers out there, there’s also great news for the upcoming year. Breeding and growing companies are getting ready to launch the hydrangea that’ll be the 2023 star. Called “Endless Summer Pop Star”, this hydrangea is a breeding breakthrough in compact garden hydrangeas. It is a prolific rebloomer, genetically compact, easy to grow, and versatile to use in outdoor spaces. Pop Star is coming to retail in Spring 2023 and it's coming in strong according to floral professionals and nurseries. 


Last but not least, our FALL SALE ALERT!


Because you’re part of our Sky Flowers family and blog, we want you to have weekly benefits as well. To show you our deepest love and for you to enjoy your love for hydrangeas, we’re having a 2-week fall sale starting Monday, October 3rd to Sunday, October 16th. 

How will it work?


During our 2-week fall sale, you’ll be able to choose between two options:

  1. A full fall bouquet (you choose the color you like the most)

  2. A Sky Flowers Fall Box containing 3 hydrangea stems of your favorite fall color, plus a side of Green Dragon Lepidium to complement your bouquet.


If you want to shop our _______ hydrangea sale this week, make sure to contact or to get your hands on weekly sale beauties!

Weekly wish for all of you: enjoy your hydrangeas as much as you enjoy your everyday life!


With love,


Sky Flowers

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